Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (4/14/14)

Song: Ordering A Pizza

Artist: Don’t Talk To The Cops!

Album: N/A

If you haven’t heard, the one and only Piecoras Pizza is closing up shop tomorrow. We’re so bummed to hear of it’s closing, as well as plenty of others who heard the news. DtttC! dropped this track about ordering a pizza and damn right you know it’s fitting. You can download the track here.


MITS feat. La & Kixxie Siete (Official Video)

The Bar is for raising the minimum wage. 

Cool things to note about this video:
- it was shot in one take
- Prometheus Brown, Bambu and DJ Nphared had just gotten back from a 24-hour trip to Manila
- Prometheus Brown was in the middle of preparing the kitchen for the pop-up restaurant (which is why he dashes off right after his verse)
- The woman in the beginning of the video is not Nphared’s Auntie
- The man with sticks uses MapQuest
- LA shot this on his actual lunch break
- Kixxie flew up to Seattle and mixed Flaming Hot Cheetos with Bangus Sisig
- DJ Nphared spent a portion of our video budget on walkie talkie’s to add authenticity to his role as a valet driver
- Bambu found a beer by the garbage and drank it
- DJ Nphared and Bambu did not coordinate the missed high-five
- Bambu got into a car accident a few hours before the shoot
- Prometheus Brown and his wife, Chera, do their “Food & Sh*t" pop-up restaurants regularly throughout Seattle and are looking to take it on the road soon
- DJ Nphared saw the movie Gravity twice
- Grynch did not know we were filming a video
- Our homeboy Nam made sure nobody walked through the ‘set.’
- Chel, who opens the door and calls us in at the end, is a family friend who loves this little girl: - and so do we!
- Kizamu, The Bar’s manager, wore three different Seahawks tops throughout the day
- The Bar listened to Chip Fu the entire day

The In4mation X The Bar shirt is coming soon! Stay tuned to for release date!

Shot by Jerome Buenaventura during The Bar’s hosting of Food & Sh*t’s Pulutan Pop-Up Restaurant at Inay’s in Seattle.

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (4/7/14)

Song: The Weapon

Artist: MADlines


The lovely MADlines (Canary Sing) just came out with a video for "The Weapon" off of her latest album "Love Child". Gotta love the Reggae vibe this track (and whole album) has. You can cop the album here.  

Song Of The Day: Radio Sunday (4/6/14)

Song: Mits ft. La and Kixxie Siete

Artist: THE BAR


Shout out to Street Sounds for blasting this Barkada track last night. The only way I can really describe this song is bangin’…because it is. Pro Brown & Bambu kill it alongside La and Kixxie Siete. Go buy the album here

Song Of The Day: Sippin’ Saturday (4/5/14)

Song: Sleepwalking (prod. by M-Pyre)

Artist: T.S

Album: Sleepwalking

Here’s a new track for you by T.S that’s straight chill. It’s the title track of his second album that’s produced entirely by M-Pyre (Respect My Region). I’ve listened to the the album once already and I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed. Download it out here

Song Of The Day: TGI Friday (4/4/14/)

Song: Take Off ft. Nacho Picasso and Peta Tosh

Artist: AD

Album: Intelligent Design

AD’s definitely killin’ it with this "Intelligent Design" track. With the help of Nacho Picasso and Peta Tosh, this jam will help you get hyped for the weekend. You can stream the whole album here

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (4/3/14)

Song: Joe Metro

Artist: Blue Scholars

Album: Bayani (Redux)

Some tracks never get old, and "Joe Metro" is one of those tracks. Who would have thought a simple trek through Seattle would speak volumes?Rediscover this "Bayani" classic and maybe do a little observation of your own the next time you’re out. Purchase the album here

Song Of The Day: Whatever Wednesday (4/2/14)

Song: Toast

Artist: Fresh Espresso

Album: Jupiter EP

Fresh Espresso just announced their next Seattle show on May 2nd at Tractor Tavern! Make sure you pick up your tickets for that here and get Toast (and the rest of the Jupiter EP) here

Song Of The Day: Taco Tuesday (4/1/14)

Song: Hate (feat. Mario Sweet)

Artist: The Good Sin

Album: The Story of Love x Hate

I rediscovered this album lately and it’s as good as I remember it being two years ago. The Good Sin’s fiercely honest lyrics in combination with Mario Sweet’s singing adds a new layer that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Cop the album here

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (3/31/14)

Song: Juice

Artist: Donte Peace

Album: N/A

Check out the slappin’ new track that Donte Peace just dropped! I definitely dig the old-school 90’s vibe this track has that you can’t help groove to. I can’t wait to see what else Donte has for us in the future. Download the track here

Dedicated to the hip hop music coming out of Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Vancouver, and everywhere else in the upper left.