Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (4/21/14)

Song: David Blowie

Artist: Nacho Picasso

Album: N/A

A couple weeks ago, Nacho dropped his latest single produced by Raised Byy Wolves. It’s a trip, to say the least. Tell me you don’t wanna watch Labyrinth after listening to this. Cop the track here

Song Of The Day: Radio Sunday (4/20/14)

Song: My Weed

Artist: Cam The Mac

Album: 2HUNNIDx6

For those that celebrate 420, this is for you. Street Sounds had a great rotation of songs to blaze to and you know we had to share this with y’all. You can download the album for free here.

Song Of The Day: Sippin’ Saturday (4/19/14)

Song: Atonement (ft. Prometheus Brown & Vitamin D)

Artist: Marcus D

Album: Simply Complex

Marcus D has been halfway around the world in Japan making music, but the Northwest native is back in the states touring with Bop Alloy. He recently released his highly anticipated album, "Simply Complex", and it’s full of jazz infused beats and dope-ass features. He brings it home with "Atonement" along with Pro Brown and Vitaman D. You can purchase the album here

Song Of The Day: TGI Friday (4/18/14)

Song: Heavenly

Artist: Ka.lil

Album: N/A

If you’re lookin’ for a track to vibe too, Ka.lil’s your man. He joins forces once again with RLGN to bring you "Heavenly". So lay back and enjoy with this smooth cut. Download the track here.

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 by Boom Bap Project from Reprogram

Song Of The Day: Throwback Thursday (4/17/14)

Song: Sounds Of The Street

Artist: Boom Bap Project

Album: Reprogram

You better believe that the Boom Bap Project lived up to their name. Their 2005 release "Reprogram" is one of tho albums that I hold near and dear to me because it was my first taste of NW hip hop back in the day. While it bums me out that they no longer make music together, I can always bump this. Purchase the album here

Ryan Caraveo, an up and coming artist reigning from Seattle, just released a video for the single "Wallowing". His album "Swings" is set to drop sometime this summer and by the looks and sounds of this, it’s very promising. 

Song Of The Day: Whatever Wednesday (4/16/17)

Song: 101 (prod. by DJ Phinisey) 

Artist: Rockwell Powers

Album: N/A

Back in October, Rockwell Powers and DJ Phinisey released their album, "Build". They’ve now dropped their newest track, "101", which may seem short, but definitely packs a punch. You can stream the track here.

Fearce Vill recently dropped a remix of "Let It Be" featuring Grieves and Grynch, along with a video to accompany it. Gotta say, both are pretty dope. 

Song Of The Day: Taco Tuesday (4/15/14)

Song: My City’s Filthy ft. Grynch & Fearce Vill

Artist: Wizdom

Album: N/A

I’m sensing a new anthem here, y’all. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the sentiment “My city’s filthy” (thanks Macklemore) in terms to Seattle, and Wizdom brings that to you in full force. Peep Grynch and Fearce Vill on the track. You can cop the track here.

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (4/14/14)

Song: Ordering A Pizza

Artist: Don’t Talk To The Cops!

Album: N/A

If you haven’t heard, the one and only Piecoras Pizza is closing up shop tomorrow. We’re so bummed to hear of it’s closing, as well as plenty of others who heard the news. DtttC! dropped this track about ordering a pizza and damn right you know it’s fitting. You can download the track here.

Dedicated to the hip hop music coming out of Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Vancouver, and everywhere else in the upper left.