In celebration of their tour that kicked off tonight in Seattle, Dark Time Sunshine released this brand spanking new track, "No Worries”

Now this is a collection of tracks you definitely need. Thaddeus David recently put out this compilation of tracks for "Lost  Found Features 2007-2014".

Check out Sam Lachow’s latest video for "Action Figure" off of his forthcoming album "Huckleberry".

"Lese Majesty" is Shabazz Palaces’ forthcoming album from Sup Pop Records dropping on July 29th. "Forerunner Foray" is the first track off the album and we can only assume that the rest of it will be just as dope. 

Check out the latest track by Theoretics from their “One A Month” project. Featuring Moe Betta, "Funk Break" definitely gives you your daily dose of funk. 

Raz Simone’s latest video has got to be one of my favorites so far. Check out the animated visuals for "Bow Down" off of "Cognitive Dissonance"

From his highly anticipated album "Huckleberry", Sam Lachow releases the first single "Dreams of Gold". The track features Raz Simone and Ariana DeBoo and was released to backers of his Kickstarter campaign last month. Don’t forget to cop "Huckleberry" when it drops August 1st! 

Right before the 4th of July holiday, the BFA boys dropped this gem for us. "Day Drink" comes straight outta "Adventures of Los Hermanos" singles series. 

While Tope’s Broke Boy Syndrome isn’t set to release until later this summer, he’s released a 4-song EP titled Chicken Wings & Ice Cream Cones. With the help of Trox, Steez, & Stewart Villian, CW&ICC is Tope’s way of thanking his fans for all their support. 

Check out Ryan Caraveo’s latest video for "Where The Sun Sets" off of his upcoming album Swings.

Dedicated to the hip hop music coming out of Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Vancouver, and everywhere else in the upper left.